My dermalogica (horror) story – The Clear Start breakout clearing overnight treatment

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What can I say for this Product?




HOLY HELL! “!¤#%€$@££!!

This Product is HORRIBLE (not ifs no buts) – It ruined 2014 for me  – had it not been for some timely Medical intervention.

If you ever want your 2 pimples to turn into 30 cystic, red, bleeding pustules overnight –The Clear Start Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment is the answer.

What a disgusting Product  – it a heavy concoction of several harsh ingredients, polymers and chemicals. My breakout was so painful the morning after using this Product I immediately wrote to the Company asking for refund and redressal, which was ignored.

To my dismay- The outbreak lasted from July 2014 and is still healing. I was put on a strong dose of Accutane and antibiotics. The Pictures of my skin speak for themselves. If you have ever gone through a bad breakout, you can understand how defeated I would feel waking up everyday, hoping that the breakout improves and looking in the mirror to see the failure of my efforts. You will understand the difficulty of going through seeing the damage done to your skin for no fault of your own.

I feel I have a moral duty to Campaign against this Cream and the potential side effects. I would recommend that everyone stays FAR, FAR away from this brand and all its Products. Sorry Dermalogica, but I would prefer dipping my face in the toilet bowl to using your stuff ever again.

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  1. I have not heard of this product and have never had to use it but after reading this, if there shall come a day, I definitely will stay away from it. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. unapologeticmaterialist says:

    I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. I’m sure you’re much better now. Thanks for warning your readers! I was seriously contemplating buying their Retinol cream for a while but I’ll steer away from it now after reading your review.

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  3. Poo&Kan says:

    Thanks everyone ! I’m on the path to recovery and will be posting an update on my progress. A silver lining to all of this is that I’m now very careful in choosing what I put on my skin and read and research ingredients as much as possible 🙂

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    1. crisonamission says:

      I’m sorry you went through that. Please steer clear of any harmful chemicals on your skin! Best of luck ~CrisonaMission

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  4. 08lucyli97 says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m doing a collaboration with another blogger on skin care hints/tips and think it could be of interest to you on sometime next week

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  5. ronpunzle says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that Poo&Kan! That’s a terrible shame and I hope no one else has to go through what you have 😦

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  6. ohkristyng says:

    Ouch, that sounds painful 😦 thanks for letting me know to never go near their stuff.

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  7. adamchats says:

    I also had a bad experience with Dermalogica once. I tried it based on several recommendations and like you it broke me out. Although no quite as bad as it did you. But since then I have never used one of their products again. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.

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