Auriga Flavo-C Cream


What the makers claim:

“Flavo-C® cream is a hydrating cream based on hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and a polysaccharide complex which has a high performing anti-ageing action. It maintains the structure of the skin. It restores the vital hydration of the skin and reconstructs its natural protective lipid barrier. Flavo-C® cream is the ideal complement to Flavo-C® serum.”

Post my Dermalogica trauma, my dermatologist recommended this cream for lightening my acne scars and making my skin a bit more resilient (Accutane users out there will agree that the medicine makes the skin really fragile and sensitive).

This Product is packed with good stuff – vitamin C , hyaluronic acid and various complexes and pump up the skin with moisture. I was excited to try it after researching it on the internet !

Initial thoughts (well not really initial – I have been using this Product for the past 2 months)- AMAZEBALLS.

This one really knocks it out of the park. To be more specific – the lotion is light and neutral smelling, absorbs into the skin easily and is suitable for sensitive skin. I was recommended to apply it twice daily, but being the lazy bum I am, I generally use it at night. It still works 🙂

In two months -my scars which were a deep red have mellowed into a soft pink (Thats what I call progress y’all). My skin texture is a lot smoother to the touch. A small bottle of 30 ml is still going strong and I expect it to last for another month. Thats what I call bang for the buck 😀  I am super happy with the results and plan to continue using it – will keep you updated on the progress in another 4 months !

I do find that I need to add a bit of Weleda’s Skin Food to give the lotion a bit more “meat” during Winters. I would recommend putting a teeny amount on the affected areas, letting it absorb for a minute Before jumping in with Another Cream.

Buying it online would be a challenge – Amazon and ebay are your best bet.

Auriga -you truly kick ass!


A heaven sent !

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