Aveda dry remedy™ moisturizing treatment masque

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy?

I often do, rather my hair does. No joke most Days I would rather take a razor and shave my head rather than face combing though my knots. A hair tie often provides a Quick Fix.

Very few Products are truly hydrating, the only real way to pump back water into the hair was to Yup, you guessed it, drink more water and fluids.

I have tried literally 100+ hair Products and was pretty sceptical when a enthusiastic sales girl was pitching me the Aveda dry remedy™ moisturizing treatment masque.

What the Company claims :

  • instantly improves dry hair up to 63%, when used as part of our Dry RemedyTM Moisturizing System
  • patent-pending Deep-Moisture complex penetrates hair to deliver lasting, intense moisture, powered by buriti oil, pomegranate and palm-derived conditioners
  • relaxing floral aroma blend with certified organic palmarosa, ylang ylang and rose geranium, plus a hint of vanilla.

On a whim, I decided to take a leap of faith and try the Product.

In the shower – I open the tube and squeeze a bit out. I take a deep whiff -it smells soothing and herby- Just what the doctor ordered. I smooth a few pumps into my washed hair and left it on for close to 10-15 minutes Before a rinse off.

The Result? I can defnitely tell a difference in my hair. My curls are well defined and Catch the light- appearing glossier. I do lose some hair (as I Always do) as a result of the conditioning process. However, my hair looked great even as the day progressed and smelled of flowers (Always a good thing).

No other hair mask has performed this well. So this is my current favourite, at least until I discover something even better. I will repurchase this. A tube of the Product lasted me 8-9 months since I use this weekly as a treatment.

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