Unite 7 Seconds Leave-in Conditioner (Spray)

Unite, unite, unite… where have you been during the 28 years of my existence on this planet called Earth?

Detangles thick, wavy and unruly hair? Check

The nozzle of the spray
Nozzle of the spray product

Moisturises thick and dry hair ? Check

Front of product
Front of product

Can be used on chemically treated hair? Check

Back of product
Back of product

Protects hair from UV rays and heat? Check

The product’s brand neither conducts nor commissions animal tests for any of its products, formulations or ingredients? Check!

This is THE best leave-in hair treatment I have tried, till date.

Now, my hair gets washed with water and shampoo only once a week  (usually Saturday or Sunday). Post-washing, while my hair is still wet, I first shake then spray this product throughout my hair exactly 4 times. Next, I run a wide toothed comb through my hair after waiting for 7-8 seconds. That’s it. That is ALL it takes to get soft and silky smooth hair like Nina Dobrev.


Sorry, just kidding, but yeah the result IS pretty amazing.

You could wait for some more seconds after spraying. But, please, DO NOT EVER let too much time pass by after spraying this product OR forget to comb your hair afterwards. If you DO so, your hair may just clump together into the most intricate nest that’ll put even the weaver birds to shame.

I’m sharing this warning because I made the mistake of forgetting to comb my hair post-spraying and paid dearly by scissoring off a decent chunk of my hair.  Not just once, but TWICE. That’s how brilliant I am.

So, provided all instructions given at the back of the product are followed through, this leave-in conditioner spray delivers exactly what it promises and for me, is a definite keeper.

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  1. charlieemaria says:

    Wow! I’ll definitely have to have a look into getting some of this. I wash my hair three times a week, do you think this will still be okay to use that often?

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    1. Poo&Kan says:

      Well, I wash my hair and use this product just once a week. That means it remains in my hair for 5-6 days atleast and doesn’t add to any greasiness/weigh down my hair for that long period. So, if you’re washing off/using this product thrice a week, I think it should most definitely be good! 😄

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      1. TheRookieBeautyBlogger says:

        Thanks! It’s now in my wish list :3 I’ll let you know how I get on with it!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! It sounds amazing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poo&Kan says:

      It sure is…;)

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