MAC customer service rant :O

The most common complaint I hear about MAC Cosmetics is about their lack of customer services. The staff is snooty, looks through the customers and are downright rude in some cases. I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. Some of the below MAC stores are notorious for their customer service (or lack of!):

  • The Selfridges MAC counter, London, UK
  • The MAC counter at Ahlens Stockholm City, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • The MAC counter at Bijenkorf, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • The MAC counter at Select City Walk, New Delhi, India.

The above MAC stores are based on my personal experiences. I must have visited the Amsterdam outlet at least 3-4 times and left after having waited for half hour for the sales assistants to acknowledge me. The impression is that you need to carry a certain type of luxury bag or fit into their idea of an “ideal customer” for them to serve you. Also the sales assistants at the above stores never seem to care about matching your skin tone to the Product you are buying as long as they can make a sale.

Their repeated indifference on many occasions have pissed me off !


Why waste time having a bad customer experience when there are a multitude of great substitute brands (BareMinerals, Laura Mercier, and the list goes on!) with excellent services.

Try searching for “MAC customer service” on YouTube and you will find an explosion of videos of women from all walks of Life complaining about the attitude of the Company. There is even a video explaining what you need to do to get good service from a MAC store (ridiculous!). I am surprised that the Company is growing the way it is, and hope people really stand up for themselves when they experience this apathy . In the long run, I expect the market forces to weed out poor performers and I really hope that is what happens to MAC.

However, there are some MAC stores which have really great and dedicated sales people. The MAC store on Vaci Street in Budapest, Hungary had the nicest sales girl I had ever met. She was extremely helpful and spend considerable time trying to get the correct shade of concealer for me. If only MAC spent more of its Money on training its personnel and less on celebrity endorsements it would create a huge and ever loyal customer base !

What have your experiences with MAC been like? Please mention the store location too !

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  1. skinnthings says:

    MAC store in Londons Stratford Westfields. Staff are so snooty and act like serving you is some big hindrance to their day. Defo will be looking at other brands, though many years ago, I went to the Fashion Fair stand at my local boots to get myself a lipgloss, and the lady actually said to me maybe I should look at things I could afford!!!!!

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  2. stylzbykattz says:

    Here in the US they suck I think Mac needs to create a better training system for their employees


  3. My Fair Lady says:

    Ugh that sucks! I’ve only ever been to the Michigan Ave location in Chicago, but they were pretty helpful. I’ve only bought lip products, but it never took me long to get someone to check back of the store for more products and always casual chit chat about products / makeup I like.

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  4. Linda He says:

    Oh tell me about it! I’m all the way across the world in Australia and some of the girls here don’t know anything about their products or customer service. Told me a colour that was a shade or two too yellow for me would “Work out once it set”. Pulease…


  5. I thought it only happened in Muscat – Oman. Well yeah they have sucky customer service. I once went in with a bag of Bobbi Brown and Nikes and was given somewhat attention i.e. the sales person smiled at me when I checked out with two brushes. Then once I went in normal clothes with no shopping bags and asked for a foundation match. The sales person was least bothered to attend me properly. Bobbi Brown used to be the same here but they have changed their customer service drastically from a while now – almost an year. The sales persons are so attentive and soft spoken. You actually feel like talking to them about makeup and buying their products even though they are far expensive than MAC.


  6. I’ve had decent experiences at my local store in Overland Park, KS at the mall. They’ve been so great about matching shades and giving me cool ideas for eye makeup. I’ve visited the counter not looking my best at all but they are still friendly and seem nonjudgmental. It’s always so busy I end up waiting a little while to get service, though. I’ve heard from others before that it’s a mixed bag when it comes to MAC service, which is a real shame. In the department store I’ve always admired the MAC ladies because they really stand out from the other counters with their fun hairstyles and unusual makeup. I’ve been to a Lancôme counter before where I really felt looked-down upon because my style was so gothic at the time.


  7. Thanks for following my blog and for this great post! I think it is so important for bloggers to share their experiences with brands’ service (and not just products) because, as you say, there are so many excellent alternatives out there 🙂 I’ll be sharing a rant about Aveda at Liberty on my blog soon too 🙂 The therapist was 2 hours late and didn’t even apologise!!!!!!


    1. Poo&Kan says:

      Dear Hapiness – I Think we as consumers need to vote with our buying Power and not be content with substandard service ! Thanks for sharing !


  8. Maisey Ann says:

    Hi! I know this is an award for newbie bloggers but, you’re blog is new to me XD so I’m nominating you for the Leibster award ! Details here!


  9. Maisey Ann says:

    Your writing style is awesome, great article!

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  10. In Winnipeg (also Canada), they are really friendly! I’ve only been to two different MAC counters (out of probably eight to ten in the city) and they have been open and welcoming. I have had a bit of problem with them not one hundred percent listening to me- I always stick with a natural look, so suggesting green eye shadow doesn’t make much sense. Still, always a smile and nice conversation 🙂 Wonderful blog, by the way! I’m enjoying getting caught up!

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  11. After reading the post I immediately open youtube and watched the video about how to get serviced at MAC haha! This is so silly, it’s their business to sell stuff to people not the people to beg them to be served. In Poland where I live you can tell that their assistants have a bit of an attitude but I haven’t experienced anyone being rude to me or anything like that, they were all nice. But generally when I go shopping I do wear something more smart-casual than just jeans and old tshirt and I do proper makeup, because the better and richer you look the better service you get no matter if it’s MAC, Sephora or any other shop unfortunately (I think it’s totally stupid because I know people with very good status that dont look like it and I also know many people who look wealthy but they are just pretending). So yeah mentality of some shop assistants…

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  12. fivezero says:

    Aww, that stinks. I don’t frequent the MAC counter a ton, but the one I tend to go to has always been good IME (Queen & Yonge in Toronto). Never felt the need to dress/look a certain way or anything, and have dealt with some super sweet SAs. I’ve also had fantastic CS with their online people.

    It’s so crappy that MAC doesn’t insist on good customer service in all their locations!

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    1. Poo&Kan says:

      Thats great fivezero 🙂 maybe the people in Canada are just nicer haha ,)

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      1. fivezero says:

        Haha, I doubt it! 😀

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  13. Blingbrigade says:

    I agree about Mac store @ Select city walk / New Delhi. the first time I went there, I had a decent experience, the MUA dealing with me was polite and quite nice however all of this was shortlived. My recent experiences there have been extremely disappointing and harrowing.

    It’s nothing short of a chore getting them interested in you, requires some magical sorcery to have them leave their comfort corner and grace you with their snooty smirk while secretly hoping that they sincerely help you.

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    1. Poo&Kan says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience ! I’ve noticed that MACs in posher malls tend to be that way…


    2. HerMakeupholicWorld says:

      I would like to add another MAC store Phoenix market city Chennai to the list. The SA was not well behaved and recommended some base products whose shades were horribly mismatching with my original skin tone 😦

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