Kahina Giving Beauty: 100% Organic Argan Oil

Kahina Giving Beauty is an organic skincare brand started by Katharine L’Heureux in 2008 that is named after a ‘Berber’ (Ethnic group indigenous to North Africa) Queen and prophetess.

I first came across this brand during my monthly inspection of spiritbeautylounge – that magical place where the best of organic skincare can be found.

Now, coming to the specific product under review today, this single ingredient product contains ONLY Argania spinosa (argan) kernel oil. The oil is certified organic and natural by ECOCERT Greenlife. The fair trade oil is also delivered fresh in small batches directly from the source!

So far, this oil seemed to be ticking all the right boxes. I was so excited to try this multipurpose oil after reading the countless 5 star reviews on the internet, that I took the plunge and bought the 100 ml bottle.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt by now, it is to never ever buy the full size of any product until and unless I’ve already tried that product before and like it so much that I HAVE to buy the bigger size.

But, oh well, we never really learn do we? 🙈🙈🙈 I don’t.

As promised by Kahina, this colourless oil is very light and absorbs quite fast. There is no fragrance at all but it does have a faint nutty smell that is only noticeable if you shove the bottle right under your nose and take a deep whiff.

The oil may be light, but it sure packs quite a punch with its moisturising ability. I only need two drops to cover my whole face. Brightening and softening effects can be seen overnight.

I used this oil every night on my face, underarms and upper legs for atleast two weeks. After the first two days, I noticed very small colourless bumps like milia starting to form on my forehead and cheeks. After two weeks, similar bumps formed on my legs and underarms.

I stopped using the oil and the bumps went away in matter of few days. No other new products were being used at the same time by me. The culprit behind the bumps was definitely the oil.

After a month, I tried again and the same thing reoccurred.

Disheartened but not quite ready to admit defeat, I tried the oil on my hair both when it was dry and wet. I found that the oil works best for me when my hair is dry. Three-four drops is all I need pre- or post hair washing. Any more than that and it’ll probably be too much. My hair type is thick, wavy and slightly dry, and the above amount is just perfect. The oil smooths down flyaways and leaves my hair really soft. Of course, it doesn’t give that siliconey softness and shine of Moroccan Oil, which is to be expected given the lack of toxic ingredients.

I also like to massage the oil on any cuts, scratches and bruises I may be usually sporting. I’m a total accident prone klutz after all. 😌

One 100 ml bottle has lasted me 1.5 yrs and I have seen no decrease in the oil’s effectiveness with time.

Would I rebuy? Probably not because I like to keep trying new products. And the cost of this product in my book is just too much for its use on only my hair and cuts, etc. Also, there are many more promising oils out there just waiting to jump into my loving hands.

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    Hey! How are you?

    I´ve just discovered your blog and I love it! I nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Details are on my blog, please don´t break the chain!

    Have a great night,

    Lenka xx


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