Loreal Sulfate free – Color Riche

Should you even bother ?

This Product for me is somewhere in the middle of the road.

I like it but I don’t love it – lets look at the pluses first. The price is cheap (versus other sulfate free shampoos in the European market), it is readily available across pharmacies, department stores and it doesn’t dry out my scalp nor produce excessive build-up.

Downside? Can’t say I like the smell too much but that’s purely personal. While it doesn’t dry out my hair – the hydration X-factor is missing (Think pureology).

My curls need some serious conditioning and this shampoo wasn’t really up to par (it could work for less frizzy hair types).

I am super inspired by searches on Pinterest and  was thinking of switching to the no-poo method (using a mix of baking soda and water). Will do a blog post on how that goes soon!

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  3. Nice blog thank you for connecting with me !


  4. sarahburch says:

    Interested to see how your no-poo test goes! Personally I never favored the loreal one either. It left my hair- lacking?? Just meh. Nothing special aside from the no-sulphate perk

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