Odacite Clogged Pores (Jo+L) Serum Concentrate

Continuously on search for the serum to end all clogged pores other serums, I first came across Odacite on the Cult Beauty site, like wayyyy three years back. Since then, I’ve gone through SO many products (trial size! I’m not THAT rich.. yet), I’ve never actually had the opportunity to try out Odacite’s gazillion serums. Just kidding, there are ONLY 18. Whaaa???  Yes!

Wanting to try out the clogged pores serum but at the same time not wanting to shell out  $ 32.00 for a 5ml serum (I mean @#$%^&*&%# !!!!!!), I finally ended up buying just the sample size containing 1 ml (booooo) product for 1.95  GBP (yayyyyy) from one of my favorite sites – Naturisimo.

Naturisimo has recently shifted from box packaging to padded bubble envelopes. And my order was not at all heavy, so I faced absolutely no problems of product leakage/breakage. Perhaps, heavier orders or products encased in heavier glass material would face more of a challenge.

Anywho, back to my review, the Odacite serum sample packaging proved to be quite small yet chic. High points for that. You can have a gander at the pic below for a better idea.

So cute!!


The oil serum is housed within a teensy light glass vial. The top is stoppered with a black plastic cap that you have to pull in the outwards direction to open.

The serum itself is quite thick and as you can see from the pic above, has a beautiful goldish color. It smells strongly of lavender which is understandable since that’s one of the major ingredients. You just need a 2-3 drops to cover your entire face.  I have quite an oily face and the serum absorbed fast leaving no tackiness or greasiness. As for the smell, within 30 minutes of application, there was almost none! And I really appreciate that, given my scent sensitive nose.

I have tried Argan, Almond and Rosehip oil as well as some serums containing other oils  in the past, and Odacite’s Jo+L serum is much lighter than any of those that absorbs at a faster rate, comparatively.

Leaving it to that, I settled down for my weekend movie time and then zzzzeed off to neverland. Excited to check the post effects, if any, I woke up early the next day to check out my skin. No greasiness, no new breakouts – yippee. Alas, no reduction in the existing few tiny spots. sighhhh. As I went about my morning chores getting ready for work, I raised one of my hands to absently scratch at my right cheek. Wait… what?!

I quickly ran to the nearest mirror to find that a small portion of my right cheek was slightly red. And really itchy. I swiftly grabbed my handy Bioderma micellar water and swiped a wet cotton at my right cheek. Aaaaaah, so much relief! Like when after a long hot run you stand under a cool shower. Whew.

So, all in all, in spite of a great beginning, the conclusion of this review turns out to be not that great. I’m REALLY happy that I didn’t buy the entire 5 ml bottle for $32! I personally believe that the lavender oil did not agree with my skin and will refrain from buying any products in future that contain this oil as a major ingredient. If any of you has been wanting to try one Odacite’s  numerous serums, I would suggest buying the sample first to check the waters before jumping headfirst into the serum pool.

PS – I still use Yuli’s cell perfecto PM every other night because its amazing. But that one is purely for addressing acne scars and not for clogged pores or blackheads.


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  1. Great post, very informative! I have sensitive skin myself, so I appreciate you sharing all the details 🙂 Looking forward to reading more from you!

    And thanks for the follow! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aditi says:

    my skin is exactly the same when i try out a new product, it just goes crazy on me! bioderma to the rescue! ladies vs clogged pores is a never-ending battle isnt it haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poo&Kan says:

      Absolutely! 😄


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