Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Shampoo

When Kérastase announced they were releasing a sulphate and silicon free shampoo with 96% natural ingredients, I was suuuuper excited. I hounded high end and luxury salons in my city diligiously trying to find exactly when the product would be launched in India. My requests were met with puzzled looks – NO ONE was aware that Kérastase had made such a product let alone launch it globally. I think it took over a year for the product range to arrive in India. And when it did, I happily swiped my card for the shampoo conditioner duo and almost ran home to try the products.

The bottle like all Kérastase shampoos looks really luxurious with red colored body. The cap of both the shampoo and conditioner glitters like gold. The shampoo is made of Samoan Coconut Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil and Sweet Orange Essential Oil along with other ingredients. AND it’s a miceller shampoo – like Bioderma for the hair? You can smell the beautiful sweet orange as soon as you open the bottle; fortunately it’s not overwhelmingly strong. The shampoo is a very concentrated gel and almost colorless – it’s a very light yellow, the kind you get when you mix different oils.

I had to use at least two dollar sized amount to properly wash my hair. The first time I just spread the dollar sized product all over my scalp, which didn’t lather at all. Be sure to massage it really well. After rinsing it out, I went through my hair a second time, and this time there was considerable lather. Post washing, I squeezed out an index length worth of conditioner and smoothed it over the ends of my hair. The conditioner is super thick and creamy white that spreads well on hair. I rinsed out the conditioner after leaving it in for 5-7 minutes.

After air drying, I ran my fingers through the hair and found it to be softer but not smoother. Only very light sweet orange fragrance was left in my hair that lingered for 1-2 days tops. By the third day, my hair felt greasy and was ready for another wash. I washed my hair with the duo twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday. I continued using the products over the next two months. Along the way, my scalp started getting itchy and my hair became greasy and dirty much faster. Like it wasn’t getting the clean-up it required. My hair brush had to be cleaned more frequently like 2-3 times per week, which was unusual for me. At the same time, I noticed my hair getting dull week after week. It was losing all it’s shine and health.

I decided to stop using the products after the two month mark when things didn’t get better.

My overall experience with the two products, especially the shampoo, was very dispiriting. Considering the money and time I had invested, I didn’t get the return that I deserved. Perhaps this line of products is better suited to people with dry, thicker and curly hair. For me, perhaps sticking to Head & Shoulders may be best.

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