Kiehls – Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash


This cleanser is my current go-to for washing off the layers of oil, dust & grime my skin gets caked in daily in my beautiful home city of New Delhi.

I love how super concentrated the gel is; just 1 tiny pearl drop is enough to create a rich luxurious lather. I really appreciate the non-sulfate based cleansing agents used in this wash. The cleanser does a fantastic job at deep cleaning the skin. I don’t know how good this is at cleaning layers of make-up for I never wear any.

For super oily folks, this may be used as the last step in cleansing. For drier skin types, this can be the one and only cleanser. I have sensitive & acne prone skin and I find it little drying when used after an oil cleanser. When used after micellar water (gentle one) or by itself, I don’t feel any tightness, dryness or discomfort with this face wash. And I have regularly used retinoid, AHA/BHA, vitamin c, and resveratrol products and physical/chemical sunscreens while using this face wash.

This does contain some fragrance but I found it to be very mild and not an issue for my skin.

The price of this product, like all Kiehls products is high – INR 2400 for 230 ml pump bottle. Fortunately it is really concentrated so can last for a good time. I’ve had mine since July 2017 (I use Cetaphil during winters) and the bottle is only half-way gone.

I would definitely recommend this for normal, dry and oily skin types that are not super sensitive to fragrances and to those who don’t mind spending a good amount on a daily face wash.

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