Glenmark’s La Shield Sunscreen Gel Spf 40

I really have NO idea how I haven’t posted a review of this sunscreen here till now.

I’ve been using this sunscreen since July 2014 (it’s 2018 now!) and make sure to store 2-3 of these at a time so I can never fall short.

Attachment-1 (4)

You will not believe the texture that this sunscreen has.

It looks soooo thick when it comes out of the tube and yet feels weightless on the skin.

Among all the low- to high-end sunscreens I have tried till date (Neutrogena, Avene, LRP, Elta MD, Vichy, Loreal, Clinique, etc.), this one has the best feel on the skin and ease of application. Y’all need to get this product and experience yourself the ease of using this sunscreen.

Coming to the type, this sunscreen has both chemical and physical filters. It comes in different spf values of 30 and 40. There’s a light version as well. I’ve only used and reviewed here the original white version in spf 40.

The thick cream has a light yellow tint that ensures it leaves no white streaks on the skin.

Post-application, the cream instantly leaves an oily sheen on my skin that doesn’t feel uncomfortable. The cream dries in few minutes to a matte finish that stays like that throughout the day.

I find this sunscreen best suited for oilier skin types and for summers since the mattifying quality of the sunscreen dries out my sensitive facial skin and lips. A little moisturizer under the sunscreen does fix the dryness but for winters I prefer more hydrating formulas.

I have worn this sunscreen in 45°C + summers of New Delhi as well in Sydney & Tasmania. It does not rub off the skin, stays put and helps prevent any sunburn.

The size of the tube is quite small – 60 gm/ml and the price is mid-range, INR 673.00. As compared to other high-end sunscreens, I find this one to be quite cost effective in India as it’s locally manufactured by Glenmark. And it lasts 4-5 months with regular use on face/neck only.

So if anyone out there with normal or oily, acne prone skin is looking for their next sunscreen, you know which one to try 😉



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